How do we assess what program plan will be used?    


Each participant's Drug Court program is individually tailored to address his or her specific needs. The treatment options offered include abstinence, methadone and buprenorphine programs conducted in either the community or residential rehabilitation settings.

Justice Health gives each offender successfully referred to the Drug Court a preliminary health assessment and further investigations regarding the offender's eligibility are made. Successful applicants must then enter the assessment and detoxification stage, where an assessment of the individual's treatment needs is conducted and, where possible, a highly suitable treatment plan is formulated.

The initial assessment takes up to 2 weeks, and includes general and mental health reviews conducted by Justice Health or Hunter Health.

A treatment plan may require a participant to enter a residential rehabilitation centre, or allow a participant to live in accommodation nominated by a participant and approved by the Court, or in supported accommodation organised by the Court. Policy #5 on Place of Residence details further information in relation to accommodation for participants.